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Vinyl heat pressing is an essential method for many business owners. It requires the right heat press machines, vinyl materials, temperature and pressure for a specified time. Geo Knight heat presses are designed to print graphics and texts on a surface such as T-shirts, hats, tote bags, mugs, hats, tiles, and any other materials that can be applied on with heat. Geo Knight & Co is known throughout the imprinting industry for our top-end, high-quality heat press machinery. For heat pressing t-shirts, caps, plates, mugs, tiles, or anything else that requires heat transfer printing. From hobby presses to commercial grade manual & automatic heat presses, from industrial presses to large format heat presses.  Established in 1885, every machine is handmade in Brockton, MA USA.  All machines include a warranty and lifetime product support.

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With cutting edge technology, you can be sure that your prints will entirely stay on your products with Geo Knight commercial heat press machines. We carry a wide selection of Geo Knight heat presses for vinyl for you to choose from, including JetPress Craft heat presses, Twin Cap, Twin Shuttle, Maxi, Triton, Digital Clamshell, Swing Away, and Automatic Large Format heat presses. Also, we offer Geo Knight heat presses in different packages. You can choose to purchase just the heat transfer machine itself or heat press bundle. Here is why Geo Knight is the best investment for your business: • They are easy to use • They require small space • They create less mess when compared with screen printing • They utilize your vinyl in every load and provide cost-effectiveness • Made in USA Start customizing your products and make money by using Geo Knight heat presses today!