Silhouette Portrait 4 Vinyl Cutting Machine Bundles & Accessories

The Silhouette Portrait 4 starter bundle is perfect for cutting materials up to 8.5 inches wide and up to 60 feet long. The Portrait is ideal for cutting any letter- and A4-sized materials like paper, cardstock, and sticker sheets as well as longer rolls of material, like vinyl or heat transfer. The Portrait 4 was built with ease and portability in mind. Take it with you on the go for whenever creativity strikes!

GREATER MATERIAL DIVERSITY: Portrait4 accommodates a diverse range of materials and various sizes, opening up limitless creative possibilities.
COMMAND OVER DELICATE PROJECTS: The Electrostatic Mat enables crafting intricate projects, from delicate paper cuts on thin sheets to making paper flowers and lights.
POWERED BY PATENTED INTELLIGENT PATH TECHNOLOGY: Intelligent Path Technology enables precise cutting of ultra-thin paper and facilitates multi-layered cuts.
BROADEN YOUR CREATIVITY: Beyond cutting and sketching, creators will have an expanded creative realm with additional tool choices.
POWERED BY SILHOUETTE STUDIO: Every Silhouette machine employs the robust Silhouette Studio software. Access our vast Silhouette Design Store, import custom fonts and images, or craft designs from scratch. Unleash more capabilities through software upgrades.

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