Clyde Warranty Information

We’ve partnered with Clyde to allow our customers to purchase protection plans for your products directly from our site. Clyde handles claims covered by your protection plan.

What happens next?
When ordering a protection plan with Swing Design you’ll check out like you normally would. Once the order has been placed you’ll receive a confirmation email from us to confirm the order and an email from Clyde with information on the terms and conditions of the protection plan.


What is not included in the Clyde Protection Plan?
The Clyde Protection Plan does not cover:

  • Accidental damage (If your contract does not cover accidental damage)
  • Cosmetic damage, like scratches or dents that do not impact your product's functionality
  • Damage from third-party assembly or third-party maintenance of your product
  • Loss or theft

How can I file a claim?
You can call Clyde at 856-356-0607 or email them at To file a claim on, you have two options:

  1. By logging in to your account and selecting the corresponding product
  2. As a guest using the contract ID found on your welcome email

Can I file multiple claims?
Clyde does allow you to file multiple claims through out the contracts term. The protection plan covers multiple repairs up to the of the original products purchase price. If your is accepted for a full reimbursement or replacement your contract will be considered fulfilled. You will have the option to purchase a new protection plan for your replacement.