Hotronix Fusion Press Accessories

When you invest in a heat press, you want a machine that can change and grow with the changing needs of your operation. With our selection of Hotronix Fusion press accessories at the ready, make your machine adapt to your exact needs with ease to create a range of outcomes. As a leader in the industry for high-performance standards and the ultimate ease of use for a machine that is ideal for beginners and advanced operations alike, this lineup offers vivid and pleasing end results you can be proud of with every use.

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We offer a wide range of Hotronix Fusion press accessories to help you expand your operation to new heights. When looking for a way to create caps and hats with ease, we offer options to help you create these harder to manage products. When looking for a way to add a bold design or graphic to an arm sleeve or pant leg, we offer platens for that as well. With our specialized platens at the ready, create a range of designs and products to meet the needs of your operation with ease. All of the platens we offer are made with high-quality material and feature non-stick coatings to make them even easier to use. The platens are easy to attach to your Fusion machine and can be removed when not in use to save on space and functionality. In addition to our platens, our selection of Hotronix fusion press accessories features other essentials you will need to keep your operation in top shape. Choose from such essentials as weeding tables, platen covers, print pads, air compressors, caddie stands, and more. We even offer an equipment cart to help you stay organized and maximize available space. Whether you need a new platen to create a new product, a replacement item for your existing machine, or just a cover, we have it all right here! Order today and make the most of this versatile machine with your next creation.

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