Silhouette Alta Accessories

When looking to make the most of your machine, you need the right accessories and tools for the job. The Silhouette Alta offers state of the art 3D printing to create a range of outcomes and projects. With our selection of Silhouette Alta accessories at the ready, creating something exciting and fun has never been easier.

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We offer a range of Silhouette Alta 3D printer accessories you need to make the most of this exciting machine. One of the most important things you need to create projects with this versatile machine is the right filament material. While it might be acceptable to others to only use white filament, you are more creative than that which is why we offer a wide range of colors to bring new life to your projects. While we offer the more standard colors of white and black, our selection of Silhouette Alta accessories features filaments of several lively colors as well such as pink, blue, red, and yellow. These options give you the chance to create 3D items in a range of colors to better suit the project or your creative nature. The filaments come in a thickness of 1.75mm for the best mix of durability and ease of use to ensure a proper outcome for your next project. The rolls offer 1000 inches of filament that is 500 grams to ensure a solution you will love for a range of projects and items. In addition to the many colors of filament, we also offer other essentials in our inventory of Silhouette Alta 3D printer accessories. For instance, when you need platform tape to keep it all in place, we offer this must-have item at an affordable price. This tape will not only help your project adhere gently to keep it in place, but it will also protect your platform from buildup or damage over time. Whether you need tape or a brightly colored filament, we have you covered with this selection! Order today and bring your vision to life.