UNINET iCOLOR 560 White Toner Transfer Printer Bundles

Introducing the UNINET IColor 560, the latest gem from the biggest authority in White Toner Printing. Welcome to state-of-the-art Digital Color + White Transfer printing!  The UNINET IColor 560 is the ultimate toner-based digital transfer printer combined with exclusive white overprint and underprint capabilities in a single pass for transfer production of apparel, textile, hard surfaces, and more. We offer financing options on all Uninet 560 Printer Bundles.

  • White overprint for textile and apparel applications
  • White underprint for non-transfer applications
  • Dye Sublimation applications
  • Fluorescent colors and Clear
  • Regular CMYK transfers
  • Gold and Silver color printing capabilities
  • Enhance Your Apparel Decorating Business

Print & Transfer Onto:
Natural and Synthetic Fabrics * Dark and Light Fabrics * 100% Cotton * Leather * T-Shirts and Sweatshirts * Aprons * Corporate Logo Shirts * Mouse Pads * Sports Apparel * Jackets * Label Stock of All Kinds * Mugs * Banners * Window Cling * Wood * Tile * Metal * Acrylic * And Much More!

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