Hotronix Fusion Heat Press

When one of the top brands on the market introduces new, advanced technology, it is enough to excite any crafter, whether amateur or professional. With their undeniable quality and new advancements to make things easier than ever, it's no wonder people are excited about Hotronix Fusion heat presses. The world's most advanced heat press just got smarter. With their new design, now you can register your Air Fusion and access the Hotronix Online Portal to manage users, generate usage reports, and troubleshoot issues. Plus, a brand-new controller with a larger, higher resolution screen makes it easier than ever to modify settings and save recipes. All of these elements add up to a machine that is incredibly user-friendly while still offering the reliable results you expect from this brand. We are pleased to bring you several options for adding a Hotronix Fusion heat press to your operation.

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We offer several choices for adding this high performing machine to your arsenal of creativity. Choose from options such as dual platen models, models with a stand included, and more when you shop our collection of Hotronix Fusion heat presses. These models have a range of noteworthy features at the ready such as threadability on the lower platen, touch screen technology to program an unlimited number of frequently used application settings, swing and draw motions which allow for a heat-free workspace, quick change platens to work on different project types, and more. With the special cast aluminum alloy frame and the overall quality of the manufacturing of the brand, a Hotronix Fusion heat press is built to last for years. A high-quality machine capable of producing professional-grade creations all while making it easier on the user, this machine certainly has plenty to offer. Order today and find out how this machine can revitalize your entire operation!

If you have any questions regarding this quality machine, please contact us for assistance. We are always happy to help in any way.