Silhouette Curio Supplies

If you're looking for a craft machine loaded with incredible features, and companion supplies that give the best results, Silhouette Curio and it's supplies are the ones. These Silhouette Curio accessories and tools are a must have for a wide variety of DIY projects such as drawing, embossing, scoring, sketching, stipple, piercing, engraving, and etching. We are the most trusted supplier of Silhouette products in the market.

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You can mix and match functions with these tools and supplies to suit your need and projects such as jewelry making, stipple art on canvas panels, Metal stipple art on a thin metal sheet, stipple art from photographs, Faux letterpress prints, print & emboss cards, and many more. Works with a wide variety materials such as thin metal, leather, wood, cardstock paper, Styrofoam, and more.