Stahls' Hotronix Heat Presses

Creating a new design is always an exciting endeavor. While it's a lot of fun to see your vision come to life in vivid color, you need the right machine to make it happen. With Hotronix heat presses, you can easily bring any idea to life with ease for a stunning end result. A leader in the industry for good reason, Hotronix heat presses offer crisp, clean results that are easy to attain, and a machine built to last for years of use.


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We are pleased to bring you a diverse selection of Hotronix heat presses to help bring your vision to life in vivid color and flawless execution. These machines are meant to cover a range of needs from the small at home crafter to larger operations of a professional nature. Whether looking for one of their smaller presses or a large model capable of producing hundreds of designs in a day, our selection has an option sure to fit your needs with ease. Many of the options featured here come loaded with upgraded features such as advanced wireless technology which allows you to monitor and interact with the press through a web-based portal at any time, automatic pressure adjustment to the thickness of the item being printed, touchscreens which allow you to store the most frequently used settings to save on time, and more. Even the simpler models without the upgraded features still have plenty of great elements to offer such as non-stick coated platens, easy to use interfaces, and adjustable temperature to help you create the best outcome for your design with every use. In addition to the Hotronix heat presses, we also offer a range of Silhouette Cameo machines in this collection to help you create the design you intend to print or transfer. These machines come in bundles with everything you need to get started on your next creation. Simply create the designs on your Cameo and print or transfer to the heat press to create your next masterpiece. Whether looking for a large heat press or a smaller one to save on space, we have you covered with this selection from one of the top brands on the scene. Order today and start creating!