Silhouette Software Error Message Help

Silhouette America provides free updates from time-to-time for the Silhouette Studio program to enhance certain capabilities, as well as resolve software bugs found in previous versions.

If you are running an upgraded version, please note that updating your software will not remove your license key or require you to re-purchase a license key. There is a difference between "updating" (which provide updates for the software from version to version) and "upgrading" (which is moving from the basic version to the Designer Edition etc. version). As new updates to the Silhouette Studio software are offered, please rest assured that the updates may be safely performed and will apply to both the basic standard version and the upgraded version. Looking to upgrade your Silhouette Software? Click here!


  • Account login failed
    • This means the Silhouette America account information was entered incorrectly. Please re-enter your user name or password.
    • If you continue to have issues, we suggest resetting your account information or contact Silhouette to confirm their account login details.
  • License key not valid
    • The user is entering the studio upgrade code into Silhouette connect software or entering the connect code into the studio software.
  • Incompatible License (1)
    • This message indicates that the user has applied a license key that is lower in permissions than the key currently applied to the computer. For example, applying a Designer Edition license key to a computer that has already been upgraded using a Business Edition license key.
  • Incompatible License (2)
    • This message indicates that the user has applied an upgrade key without the requisite lower key. For example, the user has applied the DE+ upgrade key without first applying the DE key.
  • Could not connect
    • This means the user is using an older, non-supported, versions of the Silhouette Studio software.
    • The reason that you are having trouble connecting to the server is because Silhouette has updated the security settings on their Silhouette Design Store servers. You will need to update your software in order to meet the updated security protocols and regain access to our servers again.