When looking to create professional grade designs, you need a reliable machine capable of producing high quality outcomes. With the possession of a posh style, the GCC Puma LX performs perfectly in cutting with its optimized cutting speed and force and lead to a stunning cutting quality, yet it is priced at a startup level and is worthy of return on investment. All GCC Puma LX models feature a standard Automatic-Aligning System (AAS II) to guarantee precise contour cutting by detecting the registration marks on digitally produced images. For an option sure to excite and excel for your professional cutting needs, this option offers high powered performance and ease of operation for a reliable solution you are sure to love.

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There are a few thoughtful features which set the GCC Puma LX apart from the competition on the market. For starters, these machines are compatible with a wide range of software options to meet your needs in creating items. These models work with such software choices as GreatCut, SingPal 12, FlexiSign 12, Sure Cuts A Lot, and Sure Cuts A Lot Pro which give you incredible diversity and versatility when creating. In addition to the precision of the AAS aligning, these machines also offer cutting up to 1020 mm a second with up to 500 grams of down force which makes them quick and efficient while producing high-grade results. Best of all, our options for the GCC Puma LX come complete with such important essentials as cutting blade, cutting blade holder, vinyl trimmer, roll feeder attachment for tabletop use, cutting strip, weeding tweezers, USB cord, and power cord. You also have a choice in whether you want a table top only unit or one with a stand included. This will depend on your set up and how much room you have, as well as how you prefer to work on a project. Regardless of which option is right for your preferences, this is a high-powered machine offering high-quality results you are sure to love with every design. Order today and get started on your next project!