Graphtec Cutting Strips

Making the most of your project and achieving the right end results requires the right accessories for the job. With our selection of Graphtec cutting strips and more, finding the right solution for your favorite machine from this trusted name has never been easier.

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We offer several important items in this inventory to help you make the most of your machine with ease and affordability. For example, our selection of Graphtec catch baskets are the perfect way to ensure designs have somewhere to land after creation. This is especially useful when working with a professional grade cutter because it frees you up to do something else while the design finishes and gives it a safe landing space other than falling on the floor. It is also ideal when running a large batch print of designs one right after another. We offer these Graphtec catch baskets in multiple sizes to work with a few different machines from this trusted brand. In addition to the media catch baskets, we also offer additional items for your needs. With our selection of Graphtec cutting strips, finding the right option is easy. These strips are single sided with an aggressive adhesive and the opposite side offering a rigid Teflon base. They come in a variety of options to meet the needs and sizing of your exact machine from Graphtec. Sold in packs of two for added value, these cutting solutions are high quality and high performing so you get an option capable of keeping up with your demands. When shopping for the latest in reliable accessories for your machine, we have you covered with this inventory of affordable solutions. Order today and make the most of your next project with ease!

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