Geo Knight DK20 Auto-Release Pop-Up Upgrade

Available for the DK20 is our new automatic release feature. This amazing high-tech upgrade makes your Digital Knight clamshell act like a semi-automatic, air operated press, without the compressor! Simply close the press as you normally do, and at the end of the digital timing cycle the press releases automatically.

The Auto-Release upgrade also features the "HOVER" feature. This means when the handle is lowered without fully clamping the machine, the press will hover over the work, usually needed for curing purposes. At the end of the time cycle the press releases automatically as usual.

This upgrade is factory installed by a technician at no additional charge when purchased together with the DK20. However, for a pre-existing DK20, customer installation is easy and fast.


  • Electromagnetic assist lockdown and auto-release design.
  • An excellent feature for sensitive transfer applications and longer dwell times that need precise timing & release.
  • Can work in tandem with the DK20 twin shuttle upgrade for a twin table, auto release, super-system!
  • The dual gas shocks open the press safely and in a controlled, smooth, hydraulic motion... Unlike other models that unsafely fly open under fast mechanical spring tension.

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