GCC Puma

When creating a new project, the right machine for the job can make the difference between a mess and a masterpiece. With the GCC Puma lineup at the ready, make every project stand out for its professional-grade appearance and vivid appeal. The new GCC Puma IV enhances its capability to complete a variety of applications with great efficiency which satisfies your different needs in the sign and crafting industry. The Puma IV includes Puma IV model and Puma IV LX model that provides upgrade functions to guarantee the quality of your cutting jobs. This lineup has been manufactured to offer precision aligning and powerful cutting to ensure a high-quality graphic at the end of every attempt.

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We are pleased to bring you a few different options for adding the power and precision of the GCC Puma to your operation. Made for professional grade power, this model is easy to work with and fast in its operation. In fact, this model offers cutting power of up to 1020 mm a second with up to 500 grams of down force for a reliable and powerful machine for large orders or projects. This high-quality machine also comes with features included such as cutting blade, cutting blade holder, vinyl trimmer, roll feeder attachment for tabletop use, cutting strip, weeding tweezers, and more. When looking for the complete package with an easy to use machine of professional grade standards, the GCC Puma is a great choice! Best of all, this option is compatible with a range of software for added versatility such as GreatCut, SingPal 12, FlexiSign 12, Sure Cuts A lot, and Sure Cuts A Lot Pro. You also have the choice of a tabletop option or one with a stand included to better suit your needs and space. Regardless of which option is right for you, this is a reliable machine you are sure to love. Order today and make your project stand out!

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