Cap and Hat Heat Presses

When you need the best in high performing cap and hat heat presses, we have you covered with all the solutions fit for the task. Easy-to-use cap heat presses, designed to decorate caps and hats of all sizes, are a must-have for any crafter looking to create this staple item. With a wide variety of cap platens, these presses can tackle any cap project. Designed for balanced heat and a long life span, these cap & hat heat presses are great for crafters to commercial users and offer great results with every use.

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We offer a range of options when adding this solution to your setup. When shopping for a cap & hat heat press, you need an option you can count on in terms of reliable results and ease of use. Our inventory has options available to work with a range of machines and brands, including Siser and Hotronix, in terms of platens. These platens are available in a range of sizes which is a big consideration to ensure you get the right outcome. There are different sized hats and different shapes, from low profile hats to full front crowns, and the right platen size and shape will make a difference in the quality of the impression or image. All of the platens we offer are high-quality solutions that are easy to install and work with so you get the right end result for your standards.

In addition to the individual platens in several sizes, we also offer a few cap & hat heat press machines if you are looking for a different option. These machines are high performing options from top brands to ensure a great outcome for your needs. Best of all, these machines come loaded with all sorts of useful features such as magnetic assists for an easy lockdown, digital temperature and time reading displays, automatic pressure adjustment to keep things centered and clean, and more.

Whether you need a new machine or a new platen in a different size, we have it all right here. Order today and get back to creating designs in no time!