Uninet 3300 Direct to Film (DTF) Printer, Inks, Film & Accessories

A New Fashion Icon for Printing.
Meet the UNINET® DTF™ 3300, the inkjet-based digital and direct-to-film transfer printing system for medium to high-volume production of digital transfers for light and dark-colored garment decoration. The new fashion icon for garment decoration is out, regardless of the season!
A Dual Business Model Opportunity.
With the UNINET® DTF™ 3300, you now have plenty of runways for growth by meeting at the intersection of the highest productivity and quality. You may offer both digital transfers (including printing thousands of heat-transfer designs that can be cut and stored to sell later) and fashionable apparel (including printing and heat pressing to sell your finished product, such as t-shirts and other garments). Two ample business opportunities, one a top model. Welcome to the world of the UNINET® DTF™ 3300.

The UNINET® DTF™ 3300 allows you to produce simple or complex, colorful weedless digital transfers in one pass. Print and transfer on a wide variety of dark or light-colored fabrics, such as cotton, polyester, spandex, vinyl, nylon, leather, canvas, linen, chemical fiber, and more. Create digital transfers that are stretchable, durable, soft-handed, and vibrant in color. It is not just lightning-fast but also cost-effective print production and automation, especially for high-volume apparel production. It delivers superior-quality transfers with excellent elasticity and stretchability, high durability, and brilliant colors.

In addition, the printing system features:

  • Two high-definition inkjet Printheads
  • Ink tanks with Continuous Feed System
  • Printer Roll Feeder with auto-feeding capabilities
  • Heavy Pressure Roller to ensure the printing paper's precision and stability.
  • Auto-Rewinding capabilities
  • White Ink Circulation Motor (helps circulate white ink)
  • Bluetooth Humidity and Temperature Sensor
  • Built-in Heater (enhances ink adhesion and curing)
  • Internal Controllable Vacuum Suction (prevents film buckling)

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