Oracal Oramask

When the creative bug strikes, you need the right materials and tools on hand to bring your vision to life. With our selection of Oracal Oramask stencil materials at the ready, find the right option to create your next design with ease and let your creativity shine! This versatile Oracal Oramask material can be used for stenciling to bring your design to life in vivid detailing for a flawless end result. Oramask or stencil vinyl comes in two styles and we offer both in one convenient place. Oramask 813 is a translucent blue film that works best on painted signs while Oramask 811 is white stencil vinyl that works best when glass etching. We offer both to help you create your next project with ease and affordability.

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We offer a diverse selection of stencil materials to help you create something new. With our selection of Oracal stencil materials at the ready, you can easily create signs, window displays, and more for your business or personal needs with ease and efficiency. When looking for options in the white stencil option, we offer solutions that have the unique characteristics needed for this area. Choose from options with an opaque finish for better visibility, extra stiffness to make it ideal for larger formats or projects, and removable options so you can have more versatility. With the options for blue stenciling for painted signs, you get a translucent matte finish which can be used with paint and spray paint techniques to create a range of unique signs designs and project outcomes. Both options are high quality and sturdy so you can work without worry of rips or tears in your design. Whether you are creating signs or window displays, we have you covered with the vinyl you need to get the job done to your high standards. We offer these options ins several sizes and number of rolls to help you get as much or little as you need for the scope of your project. Order today and get started on your next stenciling project!