GCC Jaguar

When it comes to creating a professional appearance in your next project, you need a reliable machine from a trusted brand. With the GCC Jaguar V LX at the ready, make the most of every project with a high-quality end result sure to excite.

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We are pleased to bring you a range of options for adding this high performing model to your operation. There are a few things setting this model apart from the others on the market. For starters, this option works incredibly fast! Cutting up to a whopping 1,530 mm (60 Inches) a second with up to 600 grams of down force, this model works fast without compromising on the element of quality in the finished product. The GCC Jaguar V LX 24-inch-wide professional elite cutter is the apex of vinyl cutting plotter technology and works seamlessly to create a design of high standards. Great for cutting vinyl and heat transfer materials such as Oracal 651 and Siser Easyweed, this model can cut up to 24-inch-wide designs which makes it ideal for larger projects for your business. Save money by buying full rolls of vinyl instead of sheets needed with smaller machines! Whether you choose the GCC Jaguar lineup for its performance, ease of use, or the results it creates, this is a great addition to your operation. We offer several options for adding the GCC Jaguar to your next project. In addition to the standard 24-inch model, we also offer their larger options such as their 40, 52, and 72-inch models for even bigger jobs and designs. Best of all, most options come with certain accessories needed to get started such as cutting blade, cutting blade holder, vinyl trimmer, roll feeder attachment for tabletop use, cutting strip, and weeding tweezers. When you need a reliable solution for creating high projects with a professional edge, this machine has you covered. Order today and make your next creation stand out!