Siser Easyweed Heat Transfer (HTV) Sheets & Rolls

When looking for a way to make the most of your machine, you need the right material to bring your vision to life. With our selection of Siser Easyweed, you can create a diverse range of items and projects with ease and style sure to please. This reliable heat transfer vinyl (HTV) is designed to be used on fabrics and is applied using either an iron or heat press. The material can also be applied to goods such as mugs and glassware with the right machine for added versatility. When you need to bring your design to life in vivid color, it has never been easier with our selection of Siser Easyweed.

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We offer a wide selection of Siser Easyweed in a wide range of colors. When making a project or item, you need choices in colors to really make your design stand out. We offer standard colors such as pink, blue, orange, and green, as well as unique colors like lime, melon, lilac, and more. The single rolls are ideal for when you know the color you need for your designs or are looking to replace a staple color in your collection. In addition to individual colors when you are just looking for one or two colors for a project, we also offer bundle options which give you all the versatility you need to create a range of projects. With options with as many as 46 sheets of colors in one great bundle, these bundles allow your creativity to soar to new heights with all the colors of the rainbow at the ready. These options are easy to work with and offer a long-lasting adhesive to help your creations stay true to your vision in vivid color. Best of all, our selection of Siser Easyweed is affordable and ships quickly to ensure you get exactly what you need without any hassle or worry. Order today and start your next creation with the right color for the job!

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