xTool 20W Laser Module Upgrade Kit for D1 Pro - Red

Easy Focus Adjustment: Only take 3 steps to adjust the focus in 5 seconds. Pull down the original focus lever, slide the laser slider to make the focus lever close to the material's surface, recover the focus lever.
Precise Focus Adjustment For Thicker Cutting: To ensure the cutting capacity of the laser, the focal length can be adjusted by lifting or lowering the laser module according to the thickness of the materials.

Maximum thickness of one-pass cutting

Laser Module 40W 20W
Pine Wood 20mm 15mm
Cherry Wood 18mm 10mm
Basswood Plywood 15mm 10mm
Walnut Wood 15mm 10mm
Black Acrylic 15mm 8mm
Stainless Metal 0.1mm 0.04mm

Bundle Includes:

  • 20W laser module - Red
  • Nozzle connector components
  • Screw
  • Lens
  • Power adapter

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