Mimaki CG60AR & CG130AR Vinyl Cutters & Plotters

The Mimaki CG-60AR-211 & CG130AR-211 vinyl cutter/plotters are precision cutting devices that offers repeatable fast cutting on a wide range of media. Perfect for t-shirt transfers, decals, window lettering, cardstock projects and more. Compatible with Windows and MacOS computers, these cutting devices are perfect for hobbyists and production businesses alike.
- Continuous Mark Detect: Crop marks are automatically and continuously detected between copies, which delivers accurate cuts over longer distances.
- Half Cut: With this function, the backing sheet can be cut leaving behind a small connecting point that can be easily detached when necessary, creating contour cut pieces.
- Over Cut: This function makes a cross cut at the start and end positions, delivering a finished piece with sharp edges and no undercut fragments that can ruin a job.
- Zero Margin Mark: Reduces the amount of area that standard crop marks require, allowing for more copies in the same space.
- ID Cut: ID Cut utilizes barcode recognition that allows for the cutting details rotation of a job to be accurate, regardless of the loading direction.

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