xTool Laser Screen Printing Kit - Single Frame Bundle

The xTool Screen Printing kit combined with your xTool Laser Cutter is the best new way to screen print and brings the time honored craft of screen printing into the 21st Century. From the very first screen printing dating back to about the year 1000 CE, to the iconic 1962-1964 Marilyn Monroe series of prints by Andy Warhol, screen printing has enhanced and influenced art, fashion and culture and continues to do so today. The process of screen printing has remained intricate and time consuming until now. With the introduction of the xTool Screen Printer, it’s no longer necessary to work with layers of sticky photo emulsion, film sheets, and darkroom developing. No more washing the screens with high pressure water and screen cleansing chemicals. The xTool Screen Printer has found a way to blend the joy of creating a screen print together with the ease of modern technology.

Traditional screen printing is expensive, time consuming and requires a lot of space. Many people have a desire to create, but are intimidated by the complex process, equipment and clean-up. In the recent 18 months of trials and development, we have finally succeeded in making an innovative product that makes screen printing accessible to all. During our internal testing, 80 participants with all skill levels were incredibly successful at creating prints with the xTool Screen Printer!

Faster Than Ever - Using laser engraving and the revolutionary two-sided coater screen, we shortened the traditional 1-2 day process of creating a screen using film printers and UV lights to an amazing 1-3 hour process. It’s now so easy to just dive in and start your journey as a screen printing artist!

Coated Screen with EasyStretch Frame Design Ready in 30s - Using 4 integrated tensioning strips and 6 quick-pull wrenches, xTool’s groundbreaking EasyStretch design simplifies the screen stretching process to an amazing 30 seconds! It also ensures uniform tension and allows for quicker and more convenient screen swapping.

XTool Laser - Stencil creation is reduced from approx. 24 hours to about an hour - at laser speed! Same-day production becomes a reality, optimizing timely delivery and sample presentations. Also, the testing process of various inks on different substrates can be tested quickly and efficiently.

Extreme Detail with Laser - Utilizing a laser beam finer than a strand of hair to create stencils, we achieve a remarkable precision of up to 0.01mm, preserving every detail of your images.

Apply Colorful Artistry to Almost Any Surface - Screen printing stands as the most widely applied printing technique, embracing a world of materials with the mere switch of inks. Customize clothing, tote bags, paintings, posters, greeting cards, acrylic signs, or even your MAC BOOK—simply change the ink, and you're set for a colorful creation.

** Requires Laser Cutter.  Compatible with xTool P2, xTool D1 PRO, xTool S1**

Bundle Includes:

  • xTool Screen Printer
  • Black Ink
  • Blue Ink
  • Pink Ink
  • Yellow Ink
  • Bonus: Glitter Gold Ink
  • 11.5" x 16" Screen Print Frame
  • 3 - 11" x 16" Screens
  • Magnetic Board
  • 4 Screen Clamps
  • Cutting Mat
  • Cardboard
  • 9" x 5" Squeegee
  • Ink Spatula
  • Canvas Sample Bag
  • Storage Box
  • Manual
  • FAQ Sheet

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