xTool S1 Laser Cutter & Engraver Bundle w/ Air Assist, Honeycomb, Filter - White

xTool S1 laser cutter & engraver is the newest edition to an already amazing lineup.  xTool's new 40W & 20W Diode Laser can cut and engrave a wide range of materials including:

  • Cuttable: Paper, Wood, Leather, MDF, Felt, Some Dark Opaque Acrylic
  • Engravable: Paper, Wood, Leather, MDF, Stainless steel, Some Dark Opaque Acrylic, Bamboo, Fabric, Dark glass, Ceramic, Jade, Marble, Shale, Cement, Brick, Plated metal, Painted Metal

Cutting excellence beyond compare - With advanced laser compression technology, eight 5.5W lasers are combined into 40W or 20W, realizing high power cutting efficiency comparable to CO2 machines.
Upgraded structure for increased stability - The enhanced stability of our upgraded guide rail structure and 600mm/s high-speed movement unlock the full potential of the 40W high power laser, resulting in an impressive boost in efficiency.
Twin-point positioning, camera-like precision - Discover xTool's unique Twin-point positioning technology. Achieving pattern placement with precision rivaling camera methods, all with unmatched ease and accuracy
Center point made simple - Track the laser movement live via our software, ensuring your design is flawlessly centered and executed to perfection.
Dynamic-focus engraving: perfect on uneven surfaces - xTool S1 boasts a cutting-edge intelligent focusing system for multi-point focus ranging and 3D object automation. Its electric Z-axis dynamically refines focus, delivering a perfect engraving effect like a plane
Auto-focus: mastery in every outcome - The xTool S1 offers computer-level precision focus measurement and enhances cutting power by guiding the spot to lower below the cutting surface through the auto-focus system.
Your creation, limitlessly amplified - The xTool S1 boasts a spacious bed size measuring 23.93"×15.16" (608*385mm). With a working area of 19.6"× 12.5"(498*319 mm), it comfortably surpasses the dimensions of an A3 paper, catering to larger projects with ease.
Automated passthrough: length, redefined - xTool S1 comes with an optional Automatic Conveyor Feeder, unlocking expansive creativity up to 3000mm with auto passthrough. It guarantees precise and easy management of larger materials
Rotary EngravingxTool S1, when paired with the optional RA2 Pro rotary attachment, enables intricate engravings on items like tumblers, mugs, and rings, turning each piece into a work of art.
Maximized height. Maximized potential - The riser base boosts xTool S1's elevation, accommodating engraving on objects up to 133.5mm tall and fueling boundless creativity.
Smart air assist: flawless results, hands-free - The air assist automatically adjusts the size of the air flow according to the processing status to achieve the best results, helping to process and create perfect results.
Efficient smoke exhaust system - The high-performance exhaust system, coupled with the exhaust fan, efficiently filters and expels smoke and dust generated during the machine's operation.
Clear air: purify as you create - Paired with an air purifier, it ensures a healthier workspace by effectively capturing and filtering airborne particles and fumes.

Bundle Includes:

  • xTool S1 Enclosed Diode Laser Cutter - White
  • Choose from 20W or 40W
  • S1 Air Assist - $169 Value
  • S1 Honeycomb Tray - $169 Value
  • xTool Air Purifier - $699 Value
  • xTool Creative Space Software
  • Distance Sensor 
  • Laser Module 
  • $500 in Designs from So Fontsy - SVGs, Laser Files, Commercial Use (Please note that the card is valid for the card redemption portion of the site)
  • 1st Month Membership to SoFontsy VIP Enterprise
  • Screw Driver
  • M3*8 Screw x 11
  • Parts Storage Box
  • Smoke Exhaust Pipe
  • Material Pack 
  • Manual
  • Quick Start Guide  
  • USB Cord
  • WiFi & Ethernet Connection
  • Powder Adaptor & Power Cable
  • 1 Year xTool Trouble Free Warranty


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