xTool S1 Laser Cutting Air Assist Set

The Air Assist Set for the xTool S1 helps blow away hot smoke when cutting materials, reducing the temperature, and creating a more clean and smooth cut.
  • Compatible with xTool S1
  • Strong Airflow for Deeper & Faster Cutting
  • Guaranteed Clean Surface
  • Protect the laser lens
  • Low working noise
  • Iron Made, Resist High Temperature
  • Neat Arrangement
  • Connect Seamlessly

Laser Cutting - Easily attach & discharge magnetic air nozzle
Laser Engraving & Blade Cutting
Store air nozzle in air assist holder
Extend Machine LifeThe filter cotton filters out impurities in the air pump, preventing the air pump from being blocked and thus extending its service life.
Adjustable Air Flow
The air volume can be adjusted by the controller based on the engraving/cutting needs.

Bundle Includes:

  • Automatic Control Air Assist Unit
  • 3 Filters (one installed)
  • Air Tube
  • USB Cord
  • User Manual


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