Prestige Direct to Film (DTF) Maintenance Kit

The NeoTex Textile Cleaning Solution is suitable for running maintenance on DTG printing machines like the NeoFlex. Using this solution regularly will extend the life of your printer and ensure smooth maintenance.

99% Isopropyl alcohol can clean your water-based digital inks and it can remove unwanted ink splashes without scratches, unlike regular alcohol.

DTF Cleaning Swabs for cleaning capping stations, wiper blades and print heads on direct-to-film printers. Made from lintless foam, these swabs are perfect for removing ink and residue from small spaces. Always have a couple of swabs handy for cleaning your DTF machine.

Ultra soft, non-abrasive, lint-free wipes are designed for sensitive surfaces such as printhead and encoder strip. They are 99.999% pure and guaranteed safe for cleaning printhead surface, encoder strip and capping station. 

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