Lawson American Made 16" x 20" Direct To Film (DTF) Powder Curing Oven

The Only Made in the USA DTF Curing Oven

The American DTF Cure Box 16 x 20 DTF Curing Oven is perfect for melting and drying DTF powder on all different sized films, including 14 x 16, 16 x 20, A3 +, and more. This DTF Curing Oven is engineered, manufactured and supported in the USA. Do not sacrifice quality or safety with a foreign import. Get a product Made in America.

This DTF dry box features a digital controller so you can easily set the precise temperature and time for consistent results. The DTF powder begins melting nearly instantly to produce films in under 1 minute. An alarm signal sounds after curing, alerting you to remove the transfer film.

A great alternative to using a heat press because the American DTF Cure Box alerts you when it is finished. Plus, this keeps your heat press available for other use.

American DTF Cure Oven 16 x 20 DTF Curing Oven can be bundled with Lawson's DTF printers or the Epson F-2100/F-3070.

  • Digital temperature controller
  • Digital timer
  • Cycle Finished Alarm
  • 1-year warranty
  • Power: 110 volt, standard plug-in
  • Temperature Range: 0 - 400°F
  • Sheet Size: Can accommodate up to 17" x 21.5" sheet
  • Est Machine Size: 23"L x 12"W x 7"H
  • Est Weight: 20 lbs.

How to Use:

  1. Place printed DTF transfer with powder into the American DTF Cure Box,
  2. Set time and temperature and press Cycle Start,
  3. When done, remove DTF transfer.
  4. This finished DTF transfer can either be saved for later and pressed immediately.

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