Image Armor Liquid Pretreat for DTG Light Shirt Formula - 1 Gallon

Pretreament is a liquid solution used by Direct-to-Garment printers to allow the printing and washability of white ink, or full color images on a variety of colored shirts. The pretreatment acts just like a primer.  It allows the white ink printed through the DTG printer to adhere to and sit on top of the shirt. A proper application of pretreatment will help yield better results for any white ink direct to garment printer.

Sharper Details: Take your image clarity and details to the next level. Superior image definition is easily achieved with Image Armor LIGHT that is unmatched in the industry.

Vivid Colors: Improve the image color vibrancy. Reds are redder, blacks are blacker. The whole image looks so much better in an expanded gamut that is not absorbed by the garment.

Washes Better: Increase the wash fastness of any ink set with Image Armor Pretreatments. Improves washability of the printed image making them look better – longer.

Versatility: You can print 100% white or light colored polyesters and get sublimation like prints. Or print 50/50 and 100% cotton blends and still have all the benefits of Image Armor to improve your prints.

Image Armor LIGHT Shirt Formula is designed for use on White or LIGHT colored garments (100% cotton to 100% polyester fabrics) with color only prints (CMYK only) or with a white under base plus CMYK prints.

  • Part# IAL001G
  • Works with Epson, Brother, Dupont white ink sets
  • No stain formula on 100% cotton
  • Increases image detail, vibrancy, and wash durability.
  • Ready To Use Formulation – Do not mix down.
  • CPSIA complaint


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