Viper Mini Direct-to-Garment Pretreatment Machine Bundle

The secret of being successful in Direct To Garment begins with your pretreating.

Perfect for starting in DTG or upgrading from a hand sprayer. It is PRETREATING made simple. Compact, consistent quality with every single use!  Perfect for use with the Epson F1070 DTG & DTF Hybrid Printer

The Viper MINI DTG pretreatment machine is the Direct To Garment industry’s smallest, most versatile, and easiest to use pretreatment machine. It is designed for the DTG newcomer & small shop owners around the world.

Think of pretreating as the foundation for your printed design. If it is done incorrectly it will be much more difficult, if not impossible, to achieve a great looking final print.

Small & Compact: No room for a larger, full sized pretreat machine? The Viper MINI requires just a table top.
Easy To Use: This DTG pretreating machine is simple to use. Easy to clean. Easy to store. Reclaim your work space.
Cost Effective: Just starting in DTG? Don’t have the money for a full sized pretreat machine? The Viper MINI is your machine.
80/20 Rule: 80% of most all DTG printing problems are related to improper pretreatment application/curing. 
Apply The Right Amount: Under applying / Over applying? Get the same amount each time you spray a shirt.
Consistency Is Key: The Viper MINI allows for repeatable, consistent sprays. No matter the garment. Resulting in perfectly repeatable PT applications.
Don't Break The Bank: If you’re just getting started, now you don’t need to break the bank to pretreat like a professional. The Viper MINI is your solution. 

Viper Mini DTG Pre-Treat Machine * 1 Quart of Image Armor Light Pretreatment * 1 Quart of Image Armor Platinum Pretreatment * 1 Quart of Image Armor Line Cleaner


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