Uninet Black Cotton Marrying Cover Cloth For 18" x 20" Heat Press

This high quality cotton cover can help mitigate / alleviate uneven heat and / or pressure from your heat press. 

Recommended for use when pressing IColor® 2 Step Select and Select Ultrabright Transfer Paper, but can be used with other papers in order to promote an even marriage of the A / B transfer.

UNINET™ suggests the use of either the black cotton or white polyester marrying cloths in order to ensure a perfect marriage and minimize the effects of excess humidity often recognized as “water droplets” in the married image.

Instructions: Place this cotton cover over the A / B set instead of your normal cover sheet during the marrying process. 

  • For 18" x 20" Heat Presses
  • Reusable 100's of times
  • Part # CC1820

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