Uninet Direct To Film (DTF) Slim Shaker Automatic Powder Machine - 24"

Introducing the SLIMSHAKER™ Auto Powder Machine with vertical space-saving technology, applies powder and cures. Space saving shaker with a 12.7 Sq Ft footprint VS a 31.5 Sq Ft footprint seen with traditional 24" shakers! Can cure DTF™ film rolls and work as an in-line addition with any roll-to-roll Direct to Film printer.

 This shaker is designed to fit through a standard door unlike other 24" shakers on the market.

The SLIMSHAKER is compatible with roll capable DTF™ printers, including the UNINET™ series roll printers, and can also be combined with Oric, Audley, HJD, Titan, Coldesi, All American / DTF™ Station, Mutoh STS, Mimaki and Roland DTF™ printers and other DTF™ roll printers.

Furthermore, the SLIMSHAKER is compatible with all DTF™ PET Film Rolls (up to 24" in width and including popular sizes such as 13", 17" and 24") and with Powders and Films from industry-leading manufacturers.

Vertical Space Saving Design: offering the lowest footprint of any shaker, and with the same curing area as a long horizontal shaker. Fits through a standard U.S 36" door frame (unassembled)
Automatic Powder Application: Pour powder into the powdering section, and it will be applied evenly to your prints with variable adjustable speed controls.
Automatic Powder Removal & Powder Collect/Re-Use: Excess powder will be shaken off the film, and automatically recirculated.
Dual Heat Zones: offers fine heat control and better temperature regulation than other shakers
Vacuum Belt Drive: minimizes friction and static build up that are the source of many user encumbrances with other shakers
Advanced Take-Up System: Additional tension bar to roll up the finished DTF™ films better
Patented Design: Patent #63440762
Easy-Attach Fume Exhaust Port: Easily attach any fume extractor to the existing fume-exhaust port (fume extractor not included, sold separately)
Compatible With: Uninet, Roland BY-20, STS, Prestige, and all other DTF Roll Printers


  • Rated Voltage/Amps: 220V/40A


  • 30A - 240V - 2 pole outlet
  • 30A 240v 2 pole Circuit breaker x 1
  • 9 Gauge Circuit Wiring

Requires a grounded, three prong plug as a safety feature. This plug only fits into a grounded outlet. If the plug does not fit, the outlet may be an older, non-grounded type. Contact and electrician to have the outlet replaced. Do not use an adapter to defeat the grounding. A dedicated 220v line is required.

Dimensions :

  • Uncrated: 59" x 40" x 65" / 618lbs
  • Crated: 51" x 43" x 70" / 705bs


Ships via insured fright.

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