Uninet Direct to Film (DTF) Last Chance Printhead Cleaning Solution - 100 ml

When everything else fails, use this solution as a LAST CHANCE effort to unclog the most stubborn of print head clogs! While there is no guarantee that an "uncloggable" clog can be undone, if you're down to the wire and feel like you need to replace your printhead, give this solution a chance - the LAST CHANCE solution by DTFPRO has saved countless printheads that were declared "dead" from the trash heap, could it save yours? This solution is for use in attempting to resolve clogs in printheads that are considered "dead" or un-revivable due to the most extreme of clogs, or to flush inks from tubing that are also extremely clogged. DO NOT USE for wet capping. DO NOT LEAVE in the printhead (run a cleaning with regular cleaning solution after use).

NOTE: Use of this solution needs to be complimented with a printhead cleaning / flush utilizing the regular cleaning solution AFTER use of the LAST RESORT solution. That is because while this LAST CHANCE cleaning solution can unclog extremely challenging clogs, it should not remain in the printheads as it should not mix with your inks. Once you have resolved your clog with the LAST CHANCE cleaning solution, you need to run an extra cleaning/flush with the regular cleaning solution before inserting inks back into the printer.

  • 3.3 fl oz (100 ml)


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