Heat Press Pillow

When creating your latest design, you want every aspect of operation to be smooth and reliable for a great outcome. Working with hear press pillows can help ensure the desired end result for a finished product you can be proud to show off!

Used on a range of projects to help evenly distribute both heat and pressure, this type of pillow helps you get a finished result that doesn't stick or tear during the process. Typically made with a non-stick exterior and a soft foam core, heat press pillows can be used with a range of machines and come in several sizes to accommodate your platen and model. We offer a few great options for adding heat press pillows or similar solutions to your next project with ease.

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We offer heat press pillows from Siser which offer high-quality performance where you need it most for a flawless end result. Commonly used for items such as buttons, seams, zippers, and more, these solutions can work well with both smaller areas and bulkier items alike. They come in several sizes to help accommodate a range of needs. Whether you need an option that is 6-inch x 8-inch or a larger 16-inch x 20-inch option, we have you covered with the right size for the job at hand. These pillows are also durable and long-lasting thanks to the thick, sturdy foam and the quality of the heat resistant covers.

When looking for a different option to get the same effect, print pads are another solution worth considering for your next project. Thinner in profile yet made for a similar purpose, this solution helps to raise certain areas of the printing area to work around select elements such as zippers and seams. Choose from several sizes to get the right one for the job. These can also be used for screen printing or digital transfers.

If you have any questions regarding these products, please contact us for assistance. We are always happy to help our valued customers as needed.