xTool F1 Ultra - The World's First & Best 20W Fiber + 20W Diode Dual Laser

xTool F1 Ultra - The World's First & Best 20W Fiber + 20W Diode Dual Laser

Written by: Ashley Nicastro



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Next Level Laser Engraving & Cutting

Attention DIY enthusiasts, small business owners & hobbyists!

Introducing the world's only 20W Fiber and 20W Diode Dual Laser. The xTool F1 Ultra not only broadens the array of materials that can be engraved but also enables deep engraving, embossing, and cutting with its powerful 20W capability. Lighting fast this machine will grow your production to new limits.

The Power of the 20W Fiber Laser

The xTool F1 Ultra 20W fiber laser is a powerhouse in the world of engraving. It's not only capable of creating deep, intricate engravings but also excels at embossing and cutting thin metal sheets. This powerful tool provides the flexibility and strength needed for professional-grade projects, allowing you to push the boundaries of your creativity.

Wood coaster with deep engraved tree

The Precision of the 20W Diode Laser

The xTool F1 Ultra 20W diode laser excels at engraving a wide variety of common materials, delivering exceptional precision and quality. Whether you're working with wood, acrylic (excluding translucent colors), leather, glass, paper, rubber, or fabric, this tool ensures superior results every time. Its versatility makes it a top choice for diverse engraving projects.

Brass coid with lion head engraved

Thin Metal Cutting

The 20W fiber laser inside the xTool F1 Ultra can cut some thin metals 

  • up to 0.4mm brass sheet
  • up to 0.3mm stainless steel sheet
  • up to 0.2mm aluminum sheet.

15mm Wood & 12mm Acrylic Cutting

The 20W diode laser inside the xTool F1 ultra is powerful enough to cut hard materials.

  • wood up to 15mm
  • acrylic up to 12mm

Color Engraving

Both fiber and diode lasers in the xTool F1 Ultra can do color engraving on metal faster than ever. Show off your creativity with this feature.

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xTool F1 Ultra Features & Accessories

Speed unlike any other

With its super speed and 20W high power, the diode laser & fiber laser inside the xTool F1 Ultra can now both engrave at super speed on almost all materials.

  • wood
  • all-metal plastic
  • acrylic
  • leather
  • MORE!

It is lighting fast at 10000mm/s on almost all materials!

Largest Desktop Fiber Laser in the industry

The xTool F1 Ultra's working space is enlarged without sacrificing the concentration of laser power, making it the largest of its kind, with or without the conveyor. 

At 220mm x 220mm it is 115% larger than other fiber lasers on the market.

Step up Production with the Conveyor

The XTool F1 Ultra Automated Conveyor Belt allows you to create an engraving production line. By utilizing the F1 Ultra's camera, the F1 Ultra can automatically identify the shape of the materials on the conveyor belt ensuring accurate engraving patterns every time. The 220mm x 550mm (8.66" x 21.65") work area allows for engraving of large objects or a large quantity of small objects. 

Camera Positioning & On the Go File Storage

Auto Streamline Production with the 16MP Built-In Camera inside the xTool F1 Ultra. The camera automatically recognizes shapes on the conveyor and helps the F1 Ultra intelligently fill patterns on every piece. Additionally, it is only a cable away to connect to the conveyor.

No computer and internet? No problem! The xTool F1 Ultra touchable control panel stores 7GB of project files and independently controls F1 Ultra to engrave or cut. 

Create more with Curved Surface Designs

The xTool RA2 Pro is a versatile and functional tool that can process various objects with high speed and accuracy, suitable for 90% of daily uses such as creating custom wedding wine glasses and jewelry. Compatible with xTool F1 Ultra, it features soft pad jaws to prevent damage to brittle objects, and allows for easy adjustments and customization. Additionally, its separable level tool ensures stability for irregular and long cylinders, and users can 3D print their own jaws for added flexibility. 

Safety at the Forefront

The XTool F1 Ultra is fully enclosed to prevent accidental injuries from the invisible fiber laser light. The enclosure filters out strong blue light, while efficient smoke extraction quickly removes smoke and dust during engraving, ensuring a safe environment for storefront use.

Partner with the xTool Smoke & Air Purifer, filter any smoke from the cutting laser. The smoke purifier also helps move the hot air away from your project, reducing the air temperature and creating a cleaner cut with less scorching.

The speed & power of the xTool F1 Ultra

Create a unique 3D Dragon on Rock with the embossing capabilities of the xTool F1 Ultra. See the video below!

Stone Slate Coaster with embossed dragon

Emboss a bold 3D Celtic Knot on Wood with the xTool F1 Ultra. 

See the video below!

Wood Plaque with Embossed Celtic Knot

With Deep Engraving, use the xTool F1 Ultra to create a stunning Lion on Brass coin. See the video below!

Brass Coin with Engraved Lion Head

Specs for the xTool F1 Ultra

Exclusive Tech - Auto Streamline Production, 3D Curve Engraving, Pixel Algorithm for HD Photo Printing

Working Area - 220x220mm, 220x250mm with Conveyor

Laser Power and Laser Source - 20W Fiber Laser & 20W Diode Laser

Focus Adjustment - Auto Focus with Camera Manual Focus (Two Dots Alignment)

Max Working Speed - 10000mm/s

Laser Spot Size - 0.08x0.1mm (20W Diode Laser), 0.03x0.03mm (20W Fiber Laser)

Preview - Camera Preview, High-Speed Light Live Preview

What is the difference between the xTool F1 and xTool F1 Ultra?

xTool F1 Ultra:
Most Efficient Batch Engraving on almost all materials: 
xTool F1 Ultra has both 20W Fiber and 20W Diode Laser with its super speed 10000mm/s, 220*220mm engraving area and auto streamline™ production
Versatile Jewelry Making: xTool F1 Ultra has 20W fiber, which can do deep metal engraving, embossing, thin metal cutting

Craft Fair Must-Have: 
F1 is the mini size of xTool F1 Ultra, Its compact size makes it portable to bring it to craft fair. With its 2W Infrared laser with 10W diode laser and 4000mm/s, F1 can do customize engraving on almost anything quickly onsite.
DIY Starter:  F1 is fun to play and has minimal learning curve, it also has relatively lower price to purchase

Does the xTool F1 Ultra have an interechangeable field lens?

There is no need to change the field lens of xTool F1 Ultra for several reasons: First, xTool F1 Ultra has the largest working area in desktop fiber. Second, xTool F1 Ultra uses microbeam technology to restore the details of every image, even in the corner of the working area. Third, the field lens is well protected inside xTool F1 Ultra, as we planned an airflow path that (with a built-in fan) blows away all dust generated through engraving outside the machine.

Will the xTool F1 Ultra be compatible with the accessories of the F1?

xTool F1 Ultra will be compatible with RA2 Pro. For the smoke purifier, we recommend using the xTool smoke purifier for its larger filters and longer purification lifespan.