xTool F1 ULTRA 20W Laser Engraver with Air Filter and 4-in-1 Cup Spinner

The world's first and best 20W Fiber and 20W Diode Dual Laser. Not only does it expand the range of materials that can be engraved, F1 ultra's 20W high power allows you to do deep engrave, emboss and cut. We offer financing on all xTool Laser Machines. No computer and internet? No problem! The F1 Ultra touchable control panel stores 7GB of project files and independently controls F1 Ultra to engrave or cut. 

  • Deep Engrave Jewelry
  • Batch Production
  • In-Store Customization
  • Engrave, Emboss, & Cut
  • Lighting Fast 10000mm/s on Almost All Materials
  • 220mm x 220mm Work Area

20W Fiber Laser - Perform best engraving on All-metals, plastics, rocks or ceramic. Additionally, 20W fiber is powerful enough to do deep engraving, emboss, and even cut thin metal sheets.
20W Diode Laser - Perform best engraving on most of the common materials, like wood, acrylic(translucent color excludes), leather, glass, paper, rubber, fabric, etc. It can also cut most of the materials above.
Thin Metal Cutting - F1 Ultra can cut up to 0.4mm brass sheet, 0.3mm stainless steel sheet and 0.2mm aluminum sheet.
15mm Wood & 12mm Acrylic Cutting - F1 ultra is powerful enough to cut wood up to 15mm, and acrylic up to 12mm.
Auto Streamline Production w/ Built-In Camera - The Camera inside F1 Ultra automatically recognizes shapes on the conveyor and helps the F1 Ultra intelligently fill patterns on every piece. Additionally, it is only a cable away to connect to the conveyor.
Largest Desktop Engraver - The F1 Ultra's working space is enlarged without sacrificing the concentration of laser power, making it the largest of its kind, with or without the conveyor.
Engrave Faster On Most MaterialsWith its super speed and 20W high power, the diode laser & fiber laser inside the F1 Ultra can now both engrave at super speed on almost all materials such as wood, all-metal plastic, acrylic, leather, etc.
Invisible Laser Light - The F1 Ultra is fully enclosed to prevent accidental injuries from the invisible fiber laser light. The enclosure filters out strong blue light, while efficient smoke extraction quickly removes smoke and dust during engraving, ensuring a safe environment for storefront use.
3D Curve Engraving - Supports curved surfaces engraving up to 45 degrees
Embossing Engraving - The F1 Ultra can do deep embossing on brass, copper wood and rocks
Color Engraving & Rotary - The F1 Ultra has high power fiber that can do color engraving on metal. It is perfectly compatible with the RA2 Pro Spinner which allows you to engrave on all cylinders. 

xTool F1 Ultra
Other Brands xTool F1
Exclusive Tech Auto Streamline Production
3D Curve Engraving
Pixel Algorithm for HD Photo Printing
- Pixel Algorithm
Working Area 220*220mm
220*500mm (with conveyor)
110*110mm-170*170mm 110*110mm
Laser Power & Laser Source 20W Fiber Laser
+ 20W Diode Laser
20W Fiber 2W Infrared Laser
+ 10W Diode Laser
Focus Adjustment Auto Focus with Camera Manual Focus (Two dots Alignment) Manual Focus (Two dots Alignment) Manual Focus (Two dots Alignment)
Pre-assembled Yes No
Built-in Camera Yes No No 
Product Size 273*373*492mm, 32.4lb 59.96lb 179*235*334mm, 10.4lb

F1 ULTRA Bundle Includes:

  • xTool F1 ULTRA Laser Cutter & Engraver
  • xTool Large Rolling Air Filter
  • xTool P2 RA2 PRO Rotary Spinner
  • Touchscreen Controller
  • Triangle Slated Prism Work Panel
  • L-Shaped Positioning Jig
  • 20 Metal Business Cards
  • 2 Wood Coasters
  • 1 Slate Coaster
  • 2 Acrylic Samples
  • 2 Leather Samples
  • 4 Dog Tags
  • 2 Wood Samples
  • 5 Paper Samples
  • $500 in Design Rewards from So Fontsy - SVGs, Laser Files, Commercial Use (Please note that the card is valid for the card redemption portion of the site)
  • 1st Month Membership to SoFontsy VIP Enterprise
  • Exhaust Pipe Kit
  • 2 USB Locking Keys
  • Lubricating Grease
  • USB Cord
  • WiFi
  • Powder Adaptor & Power Cable
  • Manual
  • 1 Year xTool Trouble Free Warranty


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