Next Generation Roland VersaStudio BY-20 DTF Printer

July 09, 2024

Next Generation Roland VersaStudio BY-20 DTF Printer

Meet the Next Generation of DTF Printer

Roland Logo with BY-20

From the makers of the amazing BN Series EcoSolvent Printers

Introducing the VersaSTUDIO BY-20, your go-to desktop direct-to-film printer and beyond! This compact powerhouse is designed with ease of use in mind, transforming apparel and accessory decoration into a seamless process for everyone from beginners to seasoned professionals. But that's not all—the BY-20 also features integrated contour-cutting capabilities, allowing you to create stunning print-and-cut heat transfer graphics. All of this comes in one sleek, affordable, and highly efficient device.

The VersaSTUDIO BY-20 is here to shake up the world of direct-to-film printing! It’s designed to meet all your creative needs with unbeatable ease, versatility, and productivity. Think of it as your all-in-one "design to print" sidekick, ready to team up with an automated in-line shaker and dryer unit for a smooth, automated roll-to-roll workflow.

BY-20 New Product Features

Reliability - Roland Care 1- Year Trouble-Free Warranty for a total of 3 Years of Coverage

Small Footprint Product - The BY-20 only requires a small workspace and access to the machine for operation.

Versatility - Equipped with Print & Cut Function, the BY-20 expands your abilities by adding heat transfer vinyl and other hybrid applications.

High White Density - The BY-20 is equipped with print modes designed for dark garments.

Improved print speeds, up to twice as fast as our previous model, allow users to easily complete short-run jobs within the same day. The new CMYK+WH mode not only enhances printing capabilities but also enables seamless integration of the BY-20 with popular automated shaker and dryer systems. This integration turns the BY-20 into a robust roll-to-roll system, perfect for efficiently managing production-level jobs.

Discover unparalleled convenience with the BY-20 and its advanced "Sheet Cut Function." This innovative feature eliminates the need for manual sheet cutting, streamlining the post-production process for your completed jobs. With the BY-20's sheet cut capability, you can set up unattended print and cut jobs, minimizing manual interference between tasks. This leads to enhanced overall productivity, faster turnaround times, and increased profits.

With the adoption of a front-loading structure and internal ink cartridge storage, the BY-20 requires an installation space approx. 20% smaller than its predecessor the BN20-D, despite being twice as tall. The BY-20's design ensures that your workspace remains clutter-free and focused on what truly matters: exceptional output. Built to fit easily on just about any desktop, the BY-20 allows businesses with limited space to access professional-grade printing.

Examples of DTF Printing options
The many examples of what DTF Printing can accomplish!

Transform the way you work with the BY-20's revolutionary front-loading design. This innovative feature simplifies media setup and maintenance by enabling these operations to be conducted from the front of the printer, saving both time and effort. With the BY-20, there's no need to access the back of the printer. This convenient, front-focused approach ensures that every task is within arm's reach, promoting a smooth and efficient workflow.

The BY-20 introduces an advanced media holder aimed at simplifying media setup. Employing Roland DG’s TrueVIS VG3 wide-format printer/cutters' user-friendly locking mechanism, it enables users to effortlessly secure media with just one touch. This enhances operational efficiency, minimizes setup, and guarantees a straightforward experience, empowering users to achieve exceptional outcomes.

The BY-20 is engineered for superior media handling efficiency and precision. The separation of media clamps and pinch rollers ensures better control and placement, accommodating various media types and widths. The new blue indicators above the platen make it easy to identify grit roller sections where pinch rollers can be positioned. These enhancements in the BY-20 directly reflect the feedback from our customers.

Examples of DTF printing
More examples of DTF Printing applications

The BY-20 introduces the groundbreaking "Multi-Sensor Adjustment" feature, revolutionizing print quality by automatically fine-tuning printer settings based on media type and thickness. This one-touch solution eliminates guesswork, enabling users to consistently achieve professional-level results. This removes the complexities of manual adjustments, allowing outstanding image quality without intricate setup. 

The BY-20 DTF printer includes a handy front-access "Tool Storage Space," offering users an integrated storage solution within the device. This feature allows for easy storage and access to small items and accessories, such as extra BY-20 inks, ensuring essential tools are always close at hand. As a result, it enhances efficiency and reduces downtime to keep production at a high level at all times.

The BY-20 isn’t just designed for exceptional printing; it’s also uniquely engineered to reduce waste and minimize costs. A prime example is the BY-20's state-of-the-art eco-friendly waste drain tank. By utilizing a high-capacity 1.8L waste liquid pack, only the inner package of the drain cartridge needs to be replaced, resulting in cost savings without compromising on quality.

Software to Revolutionize DTF printing

  • Roland DG VersaWorks® has earned a reputation for being the world’s most user-friendly and feature-packed RIP software. Incorporating the HARLEQUIN RIP dual-core engine and other innovative features, VersaWorks 6 offers quick RIP speeds as well the ability to handle and correctly process complex PDF, EPS, and PS files with drop shadows and transparencies.

  • VersaWorks 6 includes a modern, intuitive interface. Simply drag and drop files from the desktop, or other folder locations, into the printer queue for processing. The icon-based RIP experience allows quick access to powerful tools for layout, quality and color management settings, easy nesting operations, and advanced job management.Visual from VersaWorks 6

  • VersaWorks 6 supports comprehensive color libraries, including Roland Color System and PANTONE® libraries, giving you detailed spot color matching and automated color matching of logos and other design elements. VersaWorks 6 also allows for in-RIP spot color replacement on the fly, making color replacement as simple as a few clicks of the mouse. This is especially useful when duplicating targeted brand and sports logo colors for apparel.
  • Roland DG VersaWorks provides robust support for the BY-20's single-pass mode, enabling the creation of CMYK+WH graphics. Users have the
    flexibility to bypass the FlexiDESIGNER workflow, making it easy to access advanced features and tailor the workflow to suit the specific application and job size.
  • The pixel replace mode “Special Plate Generation” within VersaWorks automates the generation of the White Layer, simplifying the layering process significantly. Moreover, size correction tools ensure precise layer alignment between CMYK and White, ensuring accuracy in graphic output.
  • Utilizing the CMYK+W mode, the BY-20 seamlessly integrates with various popular automated shaker and dryer units, expanding its compatibility and enhancing workflow efficiency.
  • Empower your customers' creative potential with the BY-20, equipped with the robust FlexiDESIGNER VersaSTUDIO Edition design and output software. Tailored to unlock design skills, this bundled software ensures that even novices can start creating and printing captivating graphics immediately after their BY-20 purchase.
  • Efficiency lies at the heart of the FlexiDESIGNER VersaSTUDIO Edition software. Its intuitive interface simplifies the DTF workflow, streamlining the process from design inception to final output. With a suite of tools dedicated to boosting productivity, your customers can effortlessly achieve exceptional results.
  • The software’s White Layer Creation and Auto Mirroring functions significantly simplify the design of DTF transfers, ensuring a seamless and user-friendly experience for your customers.
  • The Roland DG Connect App offers more than just control – it offers understanding. DG Connect allows you to gain a detailed view of your entire print operation, providing insights that enhance decision-making and drive efficiency. You’ll be able to monitor your device's performance in real-time, empowering you to stay on top of your workflow like never before.
  • The Roland DG Connect Hub App is your partner in creativity and efficiency. From gaining insights into your print operation to optimizing device performance and minimizing downtime, this app is designed to empower users.

What is the warranty on the BY-20?

The Roland BY-20 comes with Lifetime Product Support and a 1 year Trouble-Free Warranty provided by Roland trained technicians, Bell & Howell. They can be reached at 800-714-8220.

  • Coverage: Each contract period provides you with full-coverage for all parts, labor and travel (up to 200 miles each way) for a Roland DG Authorized Technician if any covered repair is required.*
  • Review the full warranty HERE

Can I get an extended warranty?

Roland BY-20 Inkjet Service Contracts extend Roland DG’s Limited Warranty coverage for an additional year to two years beyond the original qualifying period for most Roland DG inkjet printer or printer/cutters. Service Contracts can be purchased annually for up to three years after the original warranty is expired.

  • Coverage: Each contract period provides you with full-coverage for all parts, labor and travel (up to 200 miles each way) for a Roland DG Authorized Technician if any covered repair is required.*
  • Review the full warranty HERE

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