Elevate your custom apparel with SoFontsy Professionally Printed DTF Shirt Transfers!

May 21, 2024

Elevate your custom apparel with SoFontsy Professionally Printed DTF Transfers!

In the rapidly expanding world of custom apparel, vibrant graphics are the future. Whether you're already immersed in garment design or contemplating a new venture, DTF (Direct to Film) transfers are the perfect solution to elevate your creations. Introducing SoFontsy’s professionally printed DTF Transfers, your innovative solution to getting your feet wet in the latest craze on the market. In this chapter of our blog, we are going to review the amazing artform of Direct to Film, the benefits compared to other garment design options, and the fantastic process of getting DTF Transfers sent directly to your door. WHAT IS DTF? DTF stands for Direct to Film. In this unique printing technique, your creative designs are printed onto a special film using colored textile ink. Unlike standard sublimation, which requires white 100% polyester material as a substrate, the DTF process includes white ink which allows for use on dark colored materials. Through a multi step heating process, the film design is prepared to be transferred onto any garment including cotton, polyester, blends and more. Are you tired of weeding small details in HTV designs, then having them peel up after just a few washes? Looking to outgrow the limitation of sublimation? This cutting-edge technology transfers high-resolution images with no limitations on color or fabric type, making it an ideal choice for intricate and vivid designs. The process of printing to a film increases your ability to be creative with where you can put your designs, applying the transfers to any textile surface, from shirts, bags, hats, and even shoes! DTF printing offers unparalleled color quality and detail, allowing your designs to stand out with a stunning visual impact wherever they go. Through the magic of SoFontsy, getting a taste of direct to film is easier than ever. Before you jump into the investment of purchasing a DTF printer, the supplies, and the oven, give the process a test run with SoFontsy’s custom gang sheet builder. Upload your own designs or choose from a variety of ready-to-print designs from their large collection of beautifully curated art. Build custom gang sheets with various size options, from 4x4 to 22x60. Once purchased, your designs are printed and delivered to your doorstep, ready to press and peel! Each gang sheet arrives with an easy to follow instruction guide. It will educate you on the entire process, from preparing your garment to pressing the DTF Transfer, to wash and care after the transfer is complete. While these transfers are incredibly easy to use, there is a learning curve to be aware of. It is important to note that if at first you don’t get it right, keep trying! You will need a heat press in order to complete the transfers. Check out Swing Design’s collection of heat presses to ensure you are ready for your new DTF trial run. Swing Design, in partnership with SoFontsy, wants to help you in getting this test run going. We are offering $5 off your first DTF Transfer Sheet Order when you spend $15 or more. Use code: SFSDTRANSFER. The reviews are in! Customers are raving about SoFontsy’s Professionally Printed DTF transfers. Now that we have helped you fall in love with the look and feel of DTF Transfers, check out Swing Design’s DTF Printer collection to grow your business and become self-sustaining! We carry Epson, DTF Station, Uninet, Roland, and STS, with full production bundles available to automate your business. Get a huge order that you need assistance on? SoFontsy is always available to provide you with the support to get your large order of transfers printed, while allowing you to continue to take and print new orders!