xTool Smoke/Air Purifier For F1 Portable Laser & Engraver

Filter any smoke from the cutting laser with the xTool portable purifier for the xTool F1.  The smoke purifier also helps move the hot air away from your project, reducing the air temperature and creating a cleaner cut with less scorching.
  • Compatible with xTool F1 Portable Laser & Engraver
  • 3-layer filtration including premium activated carbon and HEPA filters to achieve a 99.97% purification rate
  • High quality and durable (285mm x 190mm x 296mm)
  • With no more than 55dB* noise rate it gives you a quiet working environment.

Product Specs

Type Specifications
Machine size 285mm x 190mm x 296mm
Weight 4.6kg
Input Voltage 24V / 2.5A
Connecting Type-C Mini USB

Bundle Includes

  • Air Purifier 
  • Attachments for F1
  • Power Cable
  • 3 Filters (1 pre installed)
  • Manual

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