xTool P2 Honeycomb Panel 2.0

Efficient Set-up for Batch Cutting The xTool P2 honeycomb panel 2.0 with finer gaps and full utilization of space helps you quickly get ready to cut small materials. The thicker steel bar and panel helps increase the load capacity of the panel to 5kg.

The anti-slip foot pads help prevent the honeycomb panel from shifting and 40mm space design helps easier placement.

  • Prevents small cut out pieces from falling through and getting burned
  • Anti Slip Foot Pads
  • Magnetic Pins help you secure the material

Honeycomb Panel Includes:

  • Honeycomb Panel with Handle
  • 4 Media Pins
  • Cleaning Brush
  • User Manual
Product Name:
xTool P2 Honeycomb Panel 2.0

Product Size:
24.8'' × 12.8'' × 0.59'' (630*327*15mm)

Product Weight: 
2.1kg (3.1kg with Packaging)

Max. Loading
Max. Workpiece


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