xTool F1 & F1 ULTRA Pedal Switch

Boost batch engraving efficiency: The F1 Pedal Switch lets you work uninterrupted, boosting creativity with seamless workflow.

  • Hands-free engraving process
  • Reduce hand fatigue and prevent injuries with a simple press during long crafting sessions
  • Precision and stability: No more worrying about the machine, just focus on creating,
  • Ensues flawless high-precision engraving during adjustments and material placements
  • High-quality design in every detail: Featuring a lightweight and attractive aluminum alloy construction
  • Compatible with the xTool F1 & xTool F1 Ultra
Task status of F1 Action on the button switch
/pedal switch
F1's Response
Ready to start Processing Press/ Step Start processing 
In the middle of Processing Press/ Step Pause processing
Processing Paused Press/ Step Continue processing
Complete Processing Double-press/ Double-step Process the task again

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