Uninet White Toner Beginner's Notebook

Beginner's guide with short tips for every major section (Heat Press, Colors, RIP Software, Toner Yield and more) that helps you to kickstart your White Toner business.

With links to instructional videos and a dedicated section for your personal notes, your learning curve will be easier to overcome.

Create notes to help your success with your White Toner Printer. Use this Planner to make notes and remarks about your process. 

Write down which temperature, pressure and time you are using, in order to have the right settings available for all the different transfer products and substrates you use. 

Every heat press is different and writing down YOUR settings helps your success within your unique environment. 

Great for users of every white toner printer / laser printer:

Uninet IColor 500 series or the bigger 600 & 800 series and vast media options.

Also great for OKI C711wt, Pro8432wt or 9541wt.  

Every T-Shirt Printer should have such a planner. Creating such notes helps you to focus your thoughts and business ideas and handwritten notes are known to help your brain to memorize all the information that is important to you!

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