Uninet Select 2 Step Transfer & Adhesive Paper Kit 8.27" x 17" – 100 Pack

The IColor Select 2-Step Transfer Paper set will allow you to transfer prints from the IColor series of printers (including white and fluorescent color prints) and most laser printers, onto a variety of garments, especially dark fabrics. The translucent adhesive applied as a result of the 2-step process increases the adhesion to your garment for increased durability, and stretchability on your finished product. Rasterization and breathability integrated into your design, as well as using the garment color as a mask, will enhance the stretch limit and softness of your finished product. 

IColor 2-Step Select Transfer Paper works at a higher temperature (310°F / 154°C), so some care must be taken when pressing onto some types of synthetic material such as nylon or polyester. Spandex or lycra material is not recommended at this temperature.  It has a matte texture instead of a shiny finish, and has a very strong adhesive which helps prevent images from pulling apart. This lower cost media is a great everyday choice for textile transfers. Finished garments will last between 30 - 50 washes depending on how it’s laundered. It is recommended to wash finished garments inside out in cold or warm water and low agitation.

  • Matte Finish
  • A4 XL Size - 8.27" x 17"
  • Part # ICHTSELA4XL
  • 100 Transfer Sheets & 100 Adhesive Sheets

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