Uninet IColor 560 Fluorescent CMY Toner Cartridge Kit

The IColor Fluorescent Upgrade Kit is just one of the many specialty cartridge sets that can be used with the IColor 560 Digital Color + White Transfer Media Printers. Instantly transform your IColor printer into a fluorescent printer where the printed images produced will glow brightly under UV light. The upgrade kit consists of 3 toner cartridges (CMY) and is shipped in 3 separate boxes. Simply remove and store the standard CMY toner cartridges and swap with the fluorescent kit to instantly print with UV sensitive toner while using the standard black cartridge in place. The white cartridge that shipped with your printer can also be used if a white overprint is required.

Operating on the same application principles as standard toner that ships with your machine, you can print and/or press onto virtually any surface using the appropriate transfer paper – or print directly onto paper, transparencies and label stock regardless of which printer is being used. Be sure to design your graphics with bright colors – avoid dark or black colors (unless specifically wanted), as those will not fluoresce well and may not look good as a final product.  


  • Part #ICT560FKIT
  • Yields 7,000 pages

Fluorescent Toner Kit Instructions

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