Uninet IColor 350 Digital Laser Dye Sublimation Printer w/ 7-in-1 Tumbler Press

The Industry’s Best CMYK Toner-Based Dye Sublimation Transfer Printer

Dye Sublimation Transfer Printer for on-demand and in-house production of apparel, textile, and hard surface transfers delivering 40 times faster speeds than ink-based systems.

Performance If you want something done, ask the IColor™ 350. Chances are you have your own vision of what a textile decoration business should look like. Or maybe a killer idea for printing on apparel or even a dream around building your very own hard surface gift line. If any of that rings a bell, meet the UNINET® IColor™ 350, your gal for high-performance toner-based dye sublimation printing. The IColor™ 350 hits print speeds that are 40 times faster than ink-based systems. It prints twenty pages per minute on A4. And it does so with the lowest cost sublimation toner and paper and at 50% less cost than ink-based sublimation.

The IColor™ 350 is not only your lowest cost solution for sublimation in the marketplace but the one solution that will give you longer uninterrupted runs at lower imaging costs. Namely, while a letter-size print will cost you around USD $.94 on ink, it will cost around USD $.40 on the IColor™ 350 including toner and paper cost. And, by the way, you can say bye to priming of ink-delivery systems, cleaning of ink printer heads and any maintenance associated with standard ink-based dye sublimation printing devices.

Reliability Always there for you. While ink cartridges expire within one year, the IColor™ 350 has a much longer toner cartridge expiration date. And it doesn’t require special sublimation paper. Instead, it keeps printing costs low by using regular copy paper as opposed to expensive dye sublimation paper. And, as anyone has come to expect from a UNINET® IColor device, the IColor™ 350 system also “splits and tiles” so you can print oversize images without any special software.

Superior Performance Think before ink. The UNINET® IColor™ 350 has a specially formulated dye sublimation toner so you can produce high-quality, durable and vibrant color prints. It lets you print and transfer to light-colored polyester-based textiles and sublimation-coated hard surface substrates like ceramic, acrylic, UniSub, DynaSub, SubliBoard and more. At the end of the day, you get unmatched permanent transferred images that permeate the substrate as opposed to heat transfers where the image is applied to the top of the substrate surface while providing superior durability and over 150 wash cycles. The only thing that you won’t get is any of the maintenance required for ink-based systems.

The 350 Package Dressed to kill. The IColor™ 350 comes standard with four dye sublimation toner cartridges for full-color CMYK. That’s enough to sublimate 1,000 T-shirts, mugs, awards or any personalization, merchandising and promotional items. It also comes built-in with SUBPack, a color management software bundled with everything you may need to achieve the most accurate colors possible. Go ahead, vision away with the industry’s first CMYK toner-based dye-sublimation transfer printer for on-demand and in-house production of apparel, textile, and hard surface transfer.

Welcome to dye sublimation without clogged printer heads from non-use, no waiting for the ink to dry, no smudging, no ghosting, and no bleeding.

What's so unique about the IColor 350 dye sublimation printer compared to ink based systems?

  •  Suited for production level environment, the IColor 350 features vastly faster print speeds: 20 pages per minute vs 1 pager per 2 minutes for ink
  • No clogged heads resulting from non-use. Toner based systems do not have this maintenance issue
  • Much longer expiration date on toner (ink expires within one year). Uninet suggest the cartridges are used within a 2 year period.
  • Much higher page yield options
  • The ability to use regular copy paper rather than specific dye sub media
  • Compatible wit the following paper sizes: A4, A5, A6, B5, B6, Legal, Letter, HLT, Executive, F, Foolscap, Folio, Envelopes (Com10, Monarch, C5, C6, DL) Custom size: (Min.) 90 x 148 mm, (Max.) 216 x 356 mm

IColor 350 Offers Sublimation Without Limitations

  • No printer maintenance required: No clogging or printhead cleaning resulting from non-use like ink-based systems; toner-based systems do not have this maintenance issue
  • Provides superior durability – over 150 wash cycles
  • Toner-based dye sublimation delivers softer transfers for garment decoration
  • Ensures significantly extended yields and lower imaging costs
  • Features significantly faster print speeds: 20 pages per minute vs. 1 page per 2 minutes for ink (photo mode), suited for production level environments

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