The Ultimate Silhouette Print and Cut E-Book By Silhouette School

The Ultimate Silhouette Print Guide Guide is a follow up to the original The Ultimate Silhouette Guide and builds on the basics learned in that book.  With a focus on how to make the perfect print and cut projects - whether that's stickers for your planner, temporary tattoos, print and cut paper projects or printable vinyl or htv decals with Silhouette, The Ultimate Silhouette Print and Cut Guide is just what planner addicts, small business owners, and crafters with an obsessions for print and cuts have been waiting for.
The third ebook in the Silhouette School series will teach you everything you need to know from avoiding the dreaded white line around print and cuts to perfectly sizing planner stickers to fit whatever planner you have to the secret to getting a professional-quality print at home or remotely.
E-Book is Non-Refundable. 
The Ultimate Silhouette Print and Cut Guide was formerly titled the Ultimate Silhouette Sticker Guide

Each E-Book is eligible for 3 downloads. After the 3 downloads or download attempts the link will no longer be available for use.

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