STS Direct to Film (DTF) Automated Inline Shaker & Oven - 13"

13″ Automatic TPU Adhesive Powder Shaker

STS 13” Auto Shaker Features:

  • Heated by electrical coiled tubes
  • Have both auto/manual interface
  • Cylinder driven
  • Auto sensor controlled
  • Having a simple to use touch screen really helps. Just touch the desired option to navigate through the menus and voila, you’re ready to go
  • Customizable automatic powder recycling feature, increases effectiveness against manual recycling
  • Infrared drying and heating improves and protects color reproduction
  • The vacuum absorption conveying platform secures the printing material to avoid bulging, run-offs, and media waste


  • Actual Dimensions 34 x 26 x 24 in
  • Shipping Dimension 35 x 28 x 25 in
  • 110/220V
  • Actual Weight approx. 120 lbs
  • Shipping Weight 160 lbs

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