Sawgrass SubliJet HD VJ 628 Pro Photo Ink Cartridges - Lc, Lm, Lk, Llk

Sublijet-HD is a unique high viscosity gel sublimation ink formulated specifically for the Sawgrass Virtuoso print head. Touting fast printing speeds, high capacity cartridges, and low maintenance design, Sawgrass Virtuoso is the business class print engine that offers a new choice in both startup and high-volume sublimation printing.
  • Inks For The SubliJet HD Pro Photo Ink Configuration
  • Fits: VJ 628
  • Enhanced Skin Tones and Deep, Rich Blacks
  • Smooth Gradients
  • Color: Light cyan, Light magenta, Light black, Light light black (220 ML)
  • Style: SubliJet HD
  • 1 Year Shelf Life

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