Roland Eco-UV EUV5 Ink 500ml - Gloss EUV5-5GL

The LEC2-330 and LEC2-640 can be used with EUV5-GL (Clear) ink for exceptional, premium-value printing. Clear ink can be used to add special effects like embossing and gloss or matte finishes, or for producing lifelike custom-textured effects by simply overprinting multiple layers. 

  • Gloss ink creates special effects, realistic textures and enables enhanced durability.
  • Delivers stunning quality prints at all speeds, with high color density and wide gamut.
  • Easily adheres onto a virtually limitless range of materials and substrates, both coated and uncoated, including plastics, wood, metal, foils, paper, films, vinyl and much more besides.
  • Dries immediately under low temperature LED lamps, with print jobs instantly ready for post-production.

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