Roland TrueVIS Series TR2 Ink 500ml Bundle - CYMK+ LkOrGrW

Elevate all your print output and improve color reproduction of specific colors with TR2 inks in CMYK configuration that produce graphics with exceptional realism and color intensity.

  • Compatible with Roland TrueVIS VF2 Printer, TrueVIS VG2 Printer & Cutter
  • With True Rich Color you have access to amazing new color profiles to help you generate a whole new level of color vibrancy in your prints
  • TR2 inks offer a brilliantly vivid print output at a very low ink cost per sq/ft
  • True Rich Color and TR2 inks combine neutral grays, smooth gradations, and natural skin tones to expand your color gamut
  • TR2 ink is GREENGUARD Gold certified for low-emission printing
  • Exceptionally scratch-resistant, TR2 ink is durable up to three-years outdoors without lamination


  • 1 Cyan Ink - 500ml
  • 1 Yellow Ink - 500ml
  • 1 Magenta Ink -500ml
  • 1 Black Ink - 500ml
  • 1 Light Black Ink - 500ml
  • 1 Orange Ink - 500ml
  • 1 Green Ink - 500ml
  • 1 White Ink - 500ml

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