Roland Eco-UV EUV5 Ink Pouch EUV5P-7PR - Primer 750 ml

Specifically formulated for Roland DG VersaUV devices, ECO-UV Ink delivers prints with exceptionally high-quality results – adhering to a wide range of coated and uncoated media, including foils, paper, clear film, and 3D objects. ECO-UV Inks come in a variety of configurations and formulations to provide beautiful color output, durability, stretch (EUVS), and special effects with White and Gloss ink options. The latest EUV5 inks, developed to bring out the best in VersaUV LEC2 Series inkjets as well as new TrueVIS LG and MG Series UV printer/cutters, feature new Orange and Red inks that expand your color gamut and allow you to target previously unreachable colors.

With ECO-UV, you can choose from several different formulations to perfectly complement your choice of VersaUV machine technology. While ECO-UV series inks are ideal for detailed color and finishing, ECO-UVS inks add even more flexibility and stretch up to 220 percent with no signs of peeling and cracking on shrink sleeves, shrink wraps, PET and more. The latest ECO-UV5 ink with new Orange and Red inks were designed specifically for the LEC2 series printers and elevate all your print output while improving reproduction of specific colors.

The new EUV5 ink offers significant cost savings versus previous generations, as well as further safety enhancements.

  • Optimized for printing and curing with Roland DG VersaUV printers and printer/cutters
  • Flexible ECO-UVS inks enable customization of curved objects
  • Superior scratch and alcohol resistant formulations
  • Compatible with coated and uncoated substrates
  • Available Primer inks for increased adhesion to unique materials
  • High-opacity White inks for printing rich, dense colors on clear or dark media
  • Gloss inks to create special, dimensional effects and texture
  • EUV5P-7PR - 750 ml

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