REFURBISHED Silhouette Black Cameo 5 w/ Electrostatic Grip Mat Attachment

The new Silhouette Cameo 5 is the best vinyl cutting machine on the market for crafters, hobbyist, and small business. The Silhouette Cameo 5 features: quiet cutting with up to 400mm/s, a LED lit touch panel, 5000 grams of force, built in roll feeder, built in vinyl trimmer, one click auto blade, tool detection, dual motor system, built in cross cutter, and more.  Swing Designs offers the best Silhouette Cameo 5 Bundles on the market with only the highest graded materials and accessories!

Ultimate Cutting Precision: With enhanced machine stability, the CAMEO5 provides incredible cutting precision.
Greater Material Diversity: CAMEO5 accommodates a diverse range of materials in various sizes.
New Tool Options: New tool options expand creative possibilities in addition to cutting and sketching.
Enhanced User Engagement: More machine features provide a more satisfying experience for users.


Cameo 5 Features:

  • Power tool capability​
  • Auto-cross cutting​ with the AutoBlade
  • New reinforced roll feeder attachment​ (attachable)
  • Quieter operation​
  • Electrostatic mat​ (optional add-on accessory)
  • Adjustable pinch rollers​ with improved grip strength
  • Improved registration mark reading​ for Print & Cut jobs
  • Smooth opening lid architecture​
  • 5 Kilograms Downward Force
  • Dual Motor System | 400mm/s
  • Full 12-inch cutting width​
  • Cut up to 16 feet in length 
  • Matless cutting capabilities ​
  • 3 mm height clearance for thicker materials​
  • Automatic tool detection​
  • PixScan compatible​
  • Driven by Silhouette Studio

Cameo 5 Bundle Includes:

  • USED Silhouette Matte Black Cameo 5 - 12" Wide w/ Bluetooth
  • USED Electrostatic Mat - Black
  • Built In Roll Feeder - Holds up to 150 Foot Rolls
  • LED Touch Panel
  • Latest Studio Design Software for Windows 7 or higher | Mac OS X 10.8.5 and higher


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